Review: Panned Pizza


Panned Pizza Review

I discovered this pizza house from crowdmass.

French fries? Well, it not just another normal french fries. It's what they called Poutine, one of the most popular Canadian's dishes.
So, basically, the french fries is topped with melted cheese and hot gravy. Yummy!!!
I really like the gravy. It has savoury flavour. It's a must-try dish if you visit this restaurant.

This one is Bacon & Egg pizza or what is known as Aussie. The flavour is just right. However, there is nothing sensational about this pizza. Worth trying.

The Lot Pizza! I really like this type of pizza as it has a lot of toppings. I prefer this pizza compared to Bacon&Egg. It's much tastier. By the way, both pizzas have a thin base, which is crispy. I like crispy base. But still, there is nothing to brag about.

So, my suggestion is that, if you are lazy to get their pizzas, try their poutine. Hopefully, you will love it, like I do.
Also, if you wanna get a pizza frenzy with your buddies, this is the right place to go. Why? They have a New Yorker 18'' pizza for $25. I believe it will stop you from eating pizza for at least a week? Hahaha.


Price: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 5/10


234c Russell St
Melbourne 3000


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Review: Tank Fish & Chippery


Tank Fish & Chippery Review

Hi all~
It's been a while since the last time I've posted my last review. Really sorry about that.
Well, I'm currently owing you guys a lot of new reviews. Hopefully, we don't disappoint you. :)
I'll try my best to put up my review as soon as possible. So, stick around...

Tank? Quite a unique name isn't it?
This new restaurant has fish and chips as their speciality. Obviously, they also serve other kind of seafood dishes, but this time we only order their fish and chips.

Their Fish&Chips was fresh and crispy but there is nothing really special about it. Moreover, it's a bit bland. It'll be much better if they sprinkle more salt on it.

The side dishes was not bad either. I couldn't really remember what are they exactly. From what I remember, they are potato cakes, fish nugget and something similar to chinese dumpling but it was made up of fish.
Nothing really impressed me but I'm quite satisfied with it.


Price: 5/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10


Tank Fish and Chippery

149 Lygon Street
Melbourne, 3053


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Happy New Year 2011

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. 
Another year has gone. Lets welcome 2011 with great expectations and hope that this year will bring us more happiness... :)

Merveilles de la Nourriture would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2011. Have a great year everyone!!!! :D

-Rondoletti- & ~Rondoletto~



We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year~

We, Rondoletti and Rondoletto, wish you a very merry Christmas!

May God bless us all in this blissful day! 

Please have a joyful time with your family~ ^^

-Rondoletti- & ~Rondoletto~

Food Adventure Info


Hi all~

It's been a while since I wrote my last post.
I'm really sorry for that. A lot of things have happened, my laptop broke down and exams were coming. Finally everything has settled nicely... Hopefully Rondoletti and me can get into the uni that we want.

Holiday has come! Yay~

                                         Singapore                             Bali
                         Surabaya                      Lombok

                          China                           Hongkong

We're planning to have a little journey around Asia countries such as Singapore, Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Surabaya), Hongkong, and a bit of China.
Well, as a food lover, surely, we'll try the traditional and the authentic dishes in each countries.
So, please follow us to witness our food journey in these countries!


Review: Ramen Ya


Ramen Ya Review

Ramen Ya, one of the best restaurants that served ramen. Well, they don't serve wide variety of ramens but sometimes "less is more".

Let's proceed to the main points,

This is the well-known Charsu Ramen in Tonkatsu broth. As stated on the menu, this ramen is the speciality of Ramen Ya. I've to admit that this ramen was awesome! The broth was very tasty. The ramen was well-cooked too. The highlight of this ramen was the charsu or the pork slices. Maybe this is what they described as "melting in your mouth". Trust me, the pork slices are addicting!

Besides the Charsu Ramen, we also ordered Seafood Gyoza Ramen. If you don't think that the ramen will be enough to make you full, you can ask for extra ramen with additional cost of $2.5. They really add a lot of ramen if you order for an extra but they don't add the broth, which was disappointing. For this ramen, we ordered with the same tonkatsu broth. The difference here was only the seafood gyoza. The skin of the gyoza was quite thin and hence it broke easily. The Seafood inside was mainly made of octopus and prawn I guess. Overall, it was delicious too.

For the side dish, we got pork gyoza. The gyoza was rather small. The pork inside was not bad. The skin was quite crispy. Honestly, I like the skin more than the pork. Anyway, it was just alright.


Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

Estimated price per person: $ 10


Shop 25G Melbourne GPO
350 Bourke St,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Website :


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Review: Earl Canteen

Earl Canteen Review

Earl Canteen, the top number one talk of the town in Urbanspoon till today ( 3 Oct '10).
Well, Earl canteen has been in my wish list since I discovered Urbanspoon... :P
With so many reviews and talks about this little and sweet 'canteen', finally I've made a visit. ^^

Let's start with their infamous "sex sandwich". XD

This sandwich is actually known as Pork Belly Sandwich on their menu. I've heard numerous rumours regarding the crispiness and the deliciousness of this sandwich. Well, it's now a fact that I can't deny. Yes! It's indeed yummy!!! ><
The crispiness of the pork accompanied with the freshness of apple, cabbage & fennel coleslaw, and wilted silverbeet, hmmm..., I'm pretty sure that you'll want it more and more....
The pork is quite salty if you eat it by its own. However, it goes really well with the baguette. Owh ya~ the baguette is pretty hard to be cut by knife though. So if you really want to enjoy it, I suggest that you can just grab the sandwich and give it a big bite! :D

Since it's our first time there, we didn't have the chance to try other menu since we wanted to try the Pork Belly Sandwich. Fortunately, my friend tried the Wagyu Meatball Sandwich. I was pretty excited to know that it's wagyu. So, I offered an exchange :P
It's indeed a delicious sandwich topped with zucchini pickles and shaved parmesan. The sauce tastes pretty much like bolognese sauce.
Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with this sandwich. The meatball is not as good as what I was expecting or maybe my expectation was too high. ;P
But overall, It's still good.

Maybe next time I should try the Real Steak Sandwich which sound mouth-watering to me... :P


Price: 7.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

Estimated price per person: $ 15


Ground level,
500 Bourke,
Lt Bourke St courtyard,

Melbourne 3000


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Review: Chillipadi

Chillipadi Review

Chillipadi, Melbourne Central has just started its nonya buffet about a week ago... Nonya cuisine is a combination between Chinese and Malay cuisines 

I came early, and therefore waited for a while before the buffet started. 

This is the buffet area, located at the second floor. Lets now move on the food =D

On the first plate was the... (clockwise direction)
Siamese laksa: Not like the usual laksa, but it was a great dish... 
Sambal udang petai: The prawns were fresh.... a very tasty dish! =D
Acar fish: Couldn't stop of having more and more... I really like the sweet and sour taste of the fish =D
Inchi kabin: This was basically a nonya version of fried chicken. This one was just alright...

Moving on to the next plate =D 

Steamed rice: Actually I was expecting Nasi Lemak, instead of just steamed rice :(
Curry chicken: A great curry chicken.... really like this one :)
Otak otak: otak otak is a spicy steamed fish mousse... Again this was a great dish. But actually I personally prefer to have grilled otak otak, rather than the steamed ones....
Ikan Asam Pedas: Very aromatic and addictive.... love this! 
Inchi Kabin: more of nonya fried chicken

Lets start from that veggie dish...
Nonya Chap Chai: Stir fry vegetables with fermented bean curd... I like the fermented bean curd... there's nothing special other than that....
On the right was the Ayam pong tay: Lacking in flavor if eaten without the gravy
Eggplant: I can't remember the exact name for this dish... since I'm not a big fan of eggplant, I found this dish just to be alright...

There were several sauces at the buffet and the best one was the one at the top of the plate - sambal belachan 
Next to the sambal belachan was kelabu boknee: It has a refreshing taste... but the shredded chicken was a bit too try....
Achar: Nothing special about this one...
Kueh pie ti: Shredded vegetables in crisp thin pastry cup. Rondoletto like this one a lot, but I found this dish having a strong dried-prawn smell....

There's not much dessert selections at Chillipadi nonya buffet. But that's not really a problem because their kueh were really good!!! 

Punget: Taro and sweet potato in sweet coconut soup. A lovely dessert and one bowl is definitely not enough =D

Price: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10

Estimated price per person: AUD 45


Shop Oe7 Menzies Aly Little Lonsdale St

Melbourne VIC 3000


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